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Blake Manning, freelance Creative Director, Seattle, WA

Who is This Guy, Anyway?

Blake Manning may be a Jack-of-All-Trades, but please don’t call him a Master-of-None. With a multidisciplinary education and a highly diversified skill set, this guy specializes in wild, limitless creativity.

Check that.

He specializes in balancing wild, limitless creativity with logical, scientific reasoning.

Based in Seattle, WA, Blake’s freelance business includes all the services seen on this site, with particular emphasis on branding, advertising, creative directing, and strategic theory regarding all things creative.

His clients range from individuals to small businesses to corporations, while his work spans a wide range of industries.

Blake especially appreciates working with organizations that aim to inspire, enlighten, and effect positive changes – whether it’s with people, animals or the environment. As such, the Wal-Mart Corporation and the New York Yankees need not inquire.

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