Long Talk Variety Show

The Long Talk Variety Show

A Preparatory Remark:

Before this link follows through to the intended blog, Blake Manning wishes to establish a clear and strong distinction between these, his professional endeavors, and those, his miscellaneous writings. Let it be known that whereas the contents of this online portfolio represent the products of Mr. Manning’s industrious labors, the blog, on the other hand, represents a mere pastime that fills the otherwise idle hours of his days. It should be understood by all professional relations of Mr. Manning, that a link to the blog in question is provided here only insomuch as it pertains to serving as an example of his writing competencies and creative tendencies.

Mr. Manning furthermore begs to inform the reader that the views and opinions expressed by himself, in the forum of the blog, do not necessarily reflect his own views and opinions.

The reader, whether or not they accept of these terms and conditions, is welcome to enter here.